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Xylitol Sweetner Review


This product was very interesting. The taste was pretty light with a slight after taste. Did I like it? YES


kills the bad bacteria in your mouth


GMO Free

Prevents tooth decay

help probiotic

Wieght loss

and so much more.

This product is great for anyone who has problem with regular sugar or is looking for a low calorie sugar.

The taste is great, but one thing to remember its a sugar alcohol, do not rush into this product. Slowly introduce it to your body. Drink it in a cup of joe or in some tea, but don’t be silly and inspirational and bake a gourmet cake. You will be hovering over the toilet later.

This product is officially Akreview certified.

Do some research on xylitol, it’s an amazing product with great properties.


All opinions are my own. Akreviews did not recieve any money to use companies opinion, but was paid for my personal opinion.



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